Excursions organized by ROIG bus.


Pick up points:

SOUTH-EAST: Cala Mondragó – Cala Barca – Cala Egos – Porto Cari – Cala D’or – Cala Ferrera – Cala Serena – Porto Colom


EAST: Porto Cristo – Cala Mandía – Cala Romántica – Calas de Mallorca – Cala Tropicana – Cala Murada – Cala Figuera – Cala Santanyí – Conlonia Sant Jordi


Saddle up and enjoy the best way to see the beautiful Mallorca countryside. Whatever your level of riding, we have a horse for you! Even for those who don`t want to ride, we have the “Sangria Express”, a horse-drawn wagon. After a delicious BBQ, enjoy a dressage event, live music and even line dancing with the cowboys.

For bookings or more information please send us a request.

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