The nature in Mallorca is very diverse, from the coastal flora to the most interesting seabed, among the most interesting natural landscapes of Mallorca are the Tramuntana Mountains, the Mondragó Natural Park or the island of Cabrera.

Discover nature at your leisure with a rental car in Mallorca, the ideal way to get around the island.

Island Tour

One of the most attractive excursions due to it’s varied natural landscape. After a brief stop in Inca, we will make our way to La Calobra where we will have some free time. After a boat trip to the port of Soller we will take one of the last of the Mallorcan trams to the station where we finally board the famous wooden train (built in 1912) to Palma.

Rancho Grande

Saddle up and enjoy the best way to see the beautiful Mallorca countryside. Whatever your level of riding, we have a horse for you! Even for those who don`t want to ride, we have the “Sangria Express”, a horse-drawn wagon. After a delicious BBQ, enjoy a dressage event, live music and even line dancing with the cowboys.

Ses Fonts Ufanes

Campanet is the site of Mallorca’s most spectacular natural water feature, where the water springs up from the ground following heavy rainfall. This truly stunning sight has been declared a natural monument. We strongly recommend a visit to Ses Fonts Ufanes if you are lucky enough to be in Mallorca when this natural phenomenon occurs.