Mallorca is an island with partying soul, you can attend popular festivals throughout the year since each population has different traditions that are celebrated in style.

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Sant Antoni (Artà)

The festivities get underway at 8 a.m. on 16th January, with a delicious breakfast consisting of hot drinking chocolate and ensaimada pastries in the Casa de l’Obrer or the “workers home”. Later on, musicians, who have already enjoyed generous servings of the muscat and the mesclat liqueur, parade around the streets, accompanied by a pair of demons, who symbolise human evil and temptations.

Cossiers (Algaida)

The dance of the Cossiers is a popular sight on Mallorca, although its origins are uncertain. A lady and 6 cossiers, men dressed in their flamboyant costumes, and accompanied by a devil, dance to the sound of the tamborino and the flabiol (a drum and one-handed flute played by a single musician). In addition to Algaida, this tradition has also survived in the towns of Montuïri, Manacor, Alaró and Pollença.