Rent a bus in Mallorca

Hiring a bus in Mallorca is the best formula that exists to travel as a group between the different attractions largest of the Balearic Islands has. And when we refer to groups, we are talking about large groups of schoolchildren, co-workers, teammates in a convention or sports teams, for example. Groups that need the larger buses offered by the Roig Rent A Car fleet.

But we are also referring to smaller groups or companies, press trips and even families or groups of friends, which is the company also offers you the chance to rent a minibus in Mallorca. These vehicles are also available in different categories: from the cheapest formula to our Premium minibuses equipped with attention to detail. By hiring them, your road trips on the island will be as comfortable as one can imagine.

Renting a bus in Mallorca with Roig

At Roig Rent A Car, we are highly experienced in coach transportation. In fact, our company offers this bus rental service in Mallorca since the 1960s, when Roig offered their first bus to take tourists around the island.

From that first vehicle to the current fleet with several dozens of rental buses, the company has acquired undoubted prestige as one of the best in Mallorca. This status is due to many factors, but among them is our knowledge of all our customers’ needs.

Therefore, if you need a large bus as a transfer from Mallorca airport to any point on the island or need transport for events such as a wedding, at Roig Rent A Car we can provide it. If you want a large vehicle for a big and select group of people who are traveling around Mallorca, our company can also rent premium vans with a driver.

There are countless cases in which Roig can fulfil your needs, because we have a wide range of possibilities in car rental in Mallorca. From big buses to minibuses, luxury cars and convertibles. In addition, we also have a taxi service with a chauffeur or car rental without a driver. Just ask us, we sure have the means of transport in Mallorca that you need.



Sophie Lertick Avatar
Sophie Lertick

Minibus for a party of 16 We usually travel as a whole family (grandparents, kids & grandchildren), so it was nice to find this minibus service which allowed us to get from the airport to our rented house with no problems at all. The driver was there on time and easy to spot, so we decided on a few days out too during our stay and booked with Roig once again. This service made our holidays so easy, especially as my mother has difficulty walking long distances. Would highly recommend.

Mery Klint Avatar
Mery Klint

Good company for bus rentals in Majorca Our company has used the bus services that Roig offers several times during the past years. We have always been fond of them and their friendliness, so we will always count on them for our company’s Christmas dos.

Robert Larry Avatar
Robert Larry

Excellent bus rental company We hired Roig’s bus service to transfer a party of 20 to an event we organized in Palma. I would like to thank you for the service, as there were no mishaps and guests were happy too. Will use your service again if need be.


Rent a bus with chauffeur in Mallorca

Another reason for the success of Roig Rent A Car is our team of professional drivers. Our chauffeurs know how to get to even the most remote areas of the island and have excellent driving skills, which is highly appreciated, especially in the Majorca airport transfers that we also offer. When you choose the bus rental service in Palma, for example; we want you to travel with total peace of mind to reach all the destinations you want and at the scheduled time.

By the way, to make everything easier, in addition to our headquarters in Cala d’Or, we also have a Roig office in other highlighted areas of the island, making it possible to rent Roig cars at Majorca airport. If you need a transfer with one of the buses in our fleet for a very large group, do not worry, because a chauffeur will be waiting for you at a previously agreed time. And if your group has decided to rent a minibus or a van in Majorca, but without a driver, you can also pick up the chosen vehicle at the airport office. To drive it, you do not need any special permission, we will only demand that you be over 21 years old.

Drive around Majorca in a rental bus

Mallorca has plenty of scenic and cultural treasures throughout its length, so it would be a shame to travel to the great Balearic island and miss its main charms. We also know that when traveling in a large group, logistics to move around are always required. Well, all of this is made simple with the of Roig Drive Mallorca bus rental.

With our buses we can get to all those places you want to visit, whether they are the Drach Caves near Manacor, the medieval fortress of Capdepera, or the amazing Deiá coast. Wherever it is, we can take you with the Roig rental buses. Since we offer the best drivers for these vehicles, they will be as safe as possible. And not only that, because, due to our long experience linked to tourism, we know the best routes, so we can even advise you on the most interesting itineraries.

In short, if you are preparing a group trip to Mallorca it is best to have the Roig coach rental. We will take you wherever you want!