Luxury car rental in Majorca with ROIG

Premium car rental in Mallorca

ROIG Rent A Car is the company with the greatest variety of services for road transport of passengers throughout the Balearic archipelago. Of course, we have a wide variety of models, brands and prices among our offers of car rental in Mallorca. We have the cheapest deals, as well as ideal cars to travel as a family or to drive across the most untamed roads of our territory.

In addition, we offer a large fleet of buses, so big-sized groups have the option of renting a bus in Mallorca. And of course, we have more than recommended our taxi services to move quickly around the island or our transfer to Palma airport, to ensure you always arrive on time.

Therefore, to all the above, we must add our offer of Premium car rentals. These are high-end vehicles with a driver for the luxurious experience you deserve.

Luxury car rental Mallorca

The aim of the Premium Rent A Car service by ROIG is for you to enjoy your stay on the island with all the maximum comfort and, if you visit us on a vacation, transport in our vehicles will be part of a memorable experience.

However, renting a luxury car in Mallorca is not just for those who visit us. Rental of high-end cars with a private chauffeur can be an excellent option to attend a specific event, to be at the height of a corporate event or a ceremony, such as a wedding.

This means that our Premium car rental in Mallorca is designed for special occasions that, both our visitors and the Majorcan people themselves, will live on the island.

Our fleet of Premium services

Our Premium vehicle service includes several high-end cars, buses and minibuses for larger groups, but it is always a chauffeur-driven rental service. The luxury service has been conceived so that you only need to enjoy the ride thanks to all its comforts, without you having to worry about driving, looking for parking or having to refuel. All of this will be handled by our experienced driver.

For example, for those traveling on business to the island, there are not many services that compare to our luxury taxis in Mallorca. This vehicle will await your arrival in Son Sant Joan to make the transfer from the airport to the hotel, or to the point where the work meeting is held and, if you wish, you will then be transferred to the hotel, or back to the airport, if it is an express trip to Mallorca. We can do all of this for a single person, for two or three, and for more numerous groups that need our bus rental service in Mallorca, or premium category minibuses.

Ask us about all your transportation needs in Mallorca, and we will propose a personalized service.

Make travelling easy with ROIG Premium car rental

The Premium car rental in Mallorca is offered for occasional trips, such as the transfer to the airport. Likewise, our luxury car rental is also available by the day, and even by the hour. In this case, a personalized treatment is the norm. Let us know where you want to go (to dine, shopping, on a trip, a meeting on the other side of the island, …) and we will put a high-end car at your disposal, with all the comfort and luxury that you can imagine, as well as a chauffeur who will drive you around with great professionalism. In short, an exclusivity that not many car rental companies in Mallorca can offer you. ROIG Rent a car and its Premium service does!