Terms and Conditions

Are you looking for a rental car company in Mallorca with the best conditions such as full-to-full fuel policy and second driver for free? Then you are in the right place! At ROIG Rent a car we want satisfied clients and we have adapted to our clients necessities and needs since 1953. With ROIG there will be no surprises at arrival and you can find all our conditions online or by contacting us. Learn about our advantages such as payment with debit card and our yearly-renewed fleet. With ROIG you travel in comfort. If you have any questions please contact us.

Refuel policy

ROIG operate a full to full fuel policy, meaning that any vehicle received should have a full tank of fuel and be returned the same way.

You will not have to pay any extra charges for this.

If the circumstances does not allow you to refuel the vehicle we will only charge the amount of the fuel missing. Therefore, it is important that you have a valid credit card.

If you do not have a credit card you can leave a deposit at the time of delivery which we will use for refuel if necessary. If the car is returned fully refueled we will turn back you deposit.

Deposit filling job

If at the end of the rental service, the vehicle is not returned with the full tank, only the amount corresponding to the fuel will be charged on the customer’s credit card, without additional charges for the filling work.

Free Airport Shuttle Service

Our free airport shuttle bus will pick you up at the arrivals terminal and take you to our office only a few minutes from the airport where your car will be waiting for you.

Second driver

When driving it is essential to take regular breaks. If you feel tired at the wheel, a second driver can take over. No extra charge will be made.

Both drivers must be included in the rental agreement and you must therefore provide the necessary documents when collecting the vehicle.

Unlimited mileage

Mileage is unlimited and carries no extra charge. In other words, no supplement will be applied, regardless of the distance you travel on Mallorca.

Vehicle replacement and roadside assistance in the event of breakdown and/or accident

Our company guarantees roadside assistance anywhere on the island in the event of a breakdown or accident. Depending on the circumstances, the vehicle will be replaced either at the point where the incident has occurred or at one of our offices.

Booking modifications or cancellations

No one is safe from unforeseen events, even when on holiday. This is our point of view, and we act accordingly. So that you do not have to worry about anything, you can modify or cancel the reservation of your rental car completely free of charge. To cancel the reservation, it is enough for you send us an email to reservas@roigrentacar.com indicating the name and the rental reservation number. Cancellation of reservations with online payment is free up to 24 hours before the initial date of your booking. The non-cancellation of the reservation will entail a fixed cost of 60€ for groups A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H; 120€ for groups L-O-P-S-T. The cancellation cost of the reservation will never be higher than the total cost of the reservation.

Driver age

Drivers must be aged 21 and have held a driving licence for at least one year. In the case of special models, the minimum age is 25.

Rental period

A day’s rental corresponds to 24 hours following the vehicle collection time specified in your booking.

Credit/debit card

In the case of the ‘Basic Insurance’ option, payment must be made by credit card. The excess waiver shall also be charged to the credit card. Payment by debit card or in cash is only accepted for the Full Coverage Insurance option and the petrol must be paid for in advance or leave a deposit, depending on the pick-up and return location.

The card that is used for the payment does not need to be in the name of the person written in the contract of the car hire,But the cardholder does have to be present at the time of payment.

All our prices include VAT and basic insurance with SBcF franchise.

Traffic fines

The customer is required to pay any fines imposed due to road traffic offences. The company shall accept no liability whatsoever.

Babyseats and Boosters

You must install the accessories. We are not responsible of any problem from incorrect accessories installations.


Depending on the type of insurance you have taken out, breakdowns may be fully covered or you may have to pay an excess. However, in either case, no charge will be made for collection. Loss or breakage of keys is not included. If you refuel with the wrong type of fuel you will be liable for the cost of the repairs.

Travel outside Mallorca

It is not allowed to travel outside Mallorca with your rental car. The insurance doesn’t cover the car outside our island. It is not allowed to travel to Ibiza, Menorca, etc

Car model

The company reserves the right to change the model of car, replacing it with a model similar to that booked or in a superior category for the same price.

Airport car park charges

The customer is responsible for paying the airport car park charge (max. €12). Alternatively, a shuttle bus will pick you up at the airport and take you to our office situated just a few minutes from the airport where you can collect your car.

Additional charges

  • Fines management 30€.
  • State of extreme dirt that requires special cleaning. Maximum charge of 250€.
  • In the case of choosing the delivery service in the Airport, the parking ticket will be charged to the customer. However, there is the possibility of saving that expense by using our shuttle bus.
  • The expenses derived from the negligent use of the vehicle will be determined on each occasion.
  • If your flight lands between 23:00h – 7:00h a 44 EUR surcharge applies.
  • A 44€ surcharge applies for car returns between 23:00h – 07:00h when not all our insurances have been taken out.