Excursions organized by ROIG bus.


Pick up points:

SOUTH-EAST: Cala Mondragó – Cala Barca – Cala Egos – Porto Cari – Cala D’or – Cala Ferrera – Cala Serena – Porto Colom


EAST: Porto Cristo – Cala Mandía – Cala Romántica – Calas de Mallorca – Cala Tropicana – Cala Murada – Cala Figuera – Cala Santanyí – Conlonia Sant Jordi


One of the most attractive excursions due to it’s varied natural landscape. After a brief stop in Inca, we will make our way to La Calobra where we will have some free time. After a boat trip to the port of Soller we will take one of the last of the Mallorcan trams to the station where we finally board the famous wooden train (built in 1912) to Palma.

For bookings or more information please send us a request.

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