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Security & hygiene protocols to avoid COVID-19

After the end of the de-escalation and the entry into the so-called new normality, at ROIG Rent a Car we resume our car rental service in Mallorca. In this context, and in order to guarantee the staff’s piece of mind and safety, as well as that of its collaborators and customers, our organization has adopted the following protocols and measures to prevent the expansion of the COVID-19.

Vehicle cleaning protocols

  • The rental vehicle will be cleaned and disinfected every time it has been used. In the process, particular attention shall be paid to door handles, seat belts, opening and closing system, armrests and handles.
  • All vehicles shall be periodically ventilated by opening the windows (the air conditioning system shall not be used for this purpose).
  • Cleaning staff shall use personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks and gloves during performance of their duties and wash their hands frequently with soap, water and disinfectant gel.
  • If a vehicle is used by different workers, the steering wheel, gears, hand brake and dashboard must be cleaned after each use.Security protocols at the reception desk
  • The use of the mask at the reception is compulsory, both for ROIG’s employees and for clients.
  • The maximum number of clients will be 6 (3 per row), and only the drivers listed in the contract will be allowed to enter. The rest of the guests will have to wait outside.
  • Customers must disinfect their hands with the gel available at reception. The pen for the tablet will also be disinfected before each use.
  • Between each customer, the worker shall clean the touch screen with which the contract has been signed with a disinfectant cloth, the part of the counter in front of each work station and the objects that the customer has touched.
  • Workers will disinfect car keys, both before they are given to customers and when they are returned.
  • The worker shall not touch the customer or be any closer than 1 m away from the customer at any time.
  • All office doors will remain permanently open during office hours. This will make it easier for the client not to have to ring the bell or knock on the door and will also improve the ventilation of the office reception area.

Protocols for ROIG staff

  • The number of workers for each task will be reduced to the indispensable minimum.All workers shall wear a protective mask or screen throughout the working day. In addition, those who are directly facing the public must wear gloves while attending.
  • Social distancing shall be maintained throughout all activities and jobs. This distance will be pf at least 2 m in between workerts.
  • In windy conditions, employees shall be placed in a position that prevents the propagation of particles from one person to another
  • Meetings, both company meetings and meetings between colleagues, are forbidden if the minimum distance of 2 m cannot be maintained.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth and wash your hands frequently (at least every 2 to 3 hours).Staff will check that clean water and soap are available to all employees in all bathrooms at the beginning and throughout the day.
  • All surfaces used during daily duties, especially those touched by workers and customers (doorknobs, counters, pens, touch screens, keyboards, mice, etc.), shall be cleaned and disinfected frequently.
  • Enclosed spaces should be ventilated at least three times a day.
  • Tools and office stationary shall be for individual use. If this is not possible, they should be disinfected beforehand each time they are exchanged between colleagues.
  •  Greetings between people that include kisses, hugs and physical contact must be avoided and replaced with remote greetings.
  • Crowding of staff or customers in enclosed spaces, corridors, entrances and exits should be avoided.
  • If anyone observes behaviour that may put the health of other colleagues at risk or in danger, they must report it to their head of department, who will supervise that each member of their team complies with all the regulations presented here.
  • If you or a colleague observe symptoms such as fever, general discomfort, coughing or difficulty breathing, you will be notified directly to the area manager so that you can go home and from there call 061, so that they can tell you how to proceed. You should avoid going directly to the medical centre.

We hope that all these measures will protect our clients and employees, transmit the necessary tranquility and provide them with maximum security, always maintaining our highest standards of quality and service.